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Heng Long RC Battle Tanks 1/16
Remote Controlled Battle Tanks in 1:16 scale of the manufacturer Heng Long are available in different versions. In the standard version Heng Long RC Tanks have plastic tracks, in the Pro-Version Heng Long RC Tanks are always equipped with metal gear, metal tracks and metal drive wheels. All Heng Long RC tanks can shoot and can be loaded with 6mm BB-Airsoft ammunition. The new V6.0 tanks from Heng Long have an infrared combat system based on Tamiya standard, so that an infrared battle with other tanks from the manufacturers Heng Long or Tamiya can be carried out. Find more information about the new V6.0 circuit board in our Info-Section.

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RC Tank Russian KV-2 Heng Long 1:16 Smoke Sound BB + IR 2.4 GHz V7.0

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RC Tank U.S. M4A3 Sherman 1:16 Smoke Sound BB steelgear 2,4Ghz V7.0

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1 - 48 of 58 results