RC Tank Jagdpanther 1:16 steelgear smoke sound BB + IR Steelgear 2,4 Ghz V7.0

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Remote Controlled RC Tank Jagdpanther, SdKfz 173 [Heavy Tank Destroyer] Heng Long 1:16 with metalgear, smoke, sound, shot function Model No. 3869-1
Tank model of the latest generation, fully remote controlled, off-road capabilities, with shot function. Single link chain drive with two powerful 8500 U / min electric motors. The Panther is equipped with LED headlights. The tower can be rotated 320 °, the gun can raise / lower by 20 °. With recoil simulation. The remote control can be operated up to 80 balls individually fired and the MG. The balls have a range of about 25m. Proportional control (see technical data)! 52cm total length!
Sound: engine start, engine operation, engine shut-off, Machine Gun, Gunfire
Smoke: realistic engine operating with smoke from the mufflers
Propotional smoke-unit
BB-Shot or Infrared-Combat-System selectable
2 different tank sounds
Improved and more precise steering
Headlight and brake light can be switched on and off
Recoil function can now be set in 3 levels
Fast and slow mode can be selected
The light of machine gun can be switched on and off
Driving straight ahead has now become more stable
There are several connections available on the circuit-board, for example Camera, WiFi, laser, etc.

Specifications: Model: RC tank Jagdpanther
Manufacturer: Heng Long
Features: smoke, sound, shot function, machine-gun fire, recoil simulation (chassis)
Model: No. 3869-1
Maßstab: 1: 16
Motor: 2x electric motor 8500 rev / min
Castors: suspension
Gearbox: steel
Drive Wheels: plastic
Tracks: plastic
Charging time: about 4 hours
Battery: 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion
Ammunition magazine: 80 balls (6mm)
Lighting: 1 LED Headlamp
Dimensions: Width 20,5 cm, Height 16,5 cm, Length with Cannon 61,5 cm
Proportional control: forward / backward, left / right
Remote Control:
Forward / reverse, proportional
Forward left / right turn, proportional
Reverse Left / right turn, proportional
Normal and high-speed mode
Raise / lower cannon
Ammunition firing
Motor on / off
Machinegun fire
Scope of supply:
RC tank Jagdpanther with smoke, Sound
6mm ammunition
Small parts / accessory / soldier
Remote control
1 x Battery 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion
Sticker, smoke oil, user manual
Ready to Run! All factory fitted (except attachments)
For the operation you still need 6x AA mignon LR6 batteries (not included)
Recommended age: 14 years! You acknowledge to have reached the age of 14. By submitting the order. Not suitable for children under 3 years, because small parts can be swallowed. Read before handling instructions!

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