Tank Kits

Tank modelling kits in scale 1/16
Tank kits from the manufacturers Takom, Trumpeter, Hooben and SOL in 1/16 scale made of resin or plastic. Some modelling tank kits can be upgraded with the RC function. Some tank kits can be upgraded with RC functionality, notably the Hooben (T-55, Tiger P and Elefant) and Torro (Tiger 1 and Leopard) kits. These kits are supplied with running chains and gears, as well as detailed instructions. With the RC-capable tank kits, some of the components are made of metal (see description). A speed controller and a remote control are not included.

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StuG III Ausf. G Tank Kit, scale 1/16, Heller

99.90 *
Normal price 109.90 €
In stock

Panzer I Ausf. B, Modeling Kit, scale 1:16, SOL

279.90 *
Normal price 289.90 €
In stock

Leopard 2A6 RC capable tank kit with many metal parts, 1:16

489.90 *
Normal price 529.90 €
In stock

Half-Track Vehicle Sd.Kfz 251D Modelling Kit, scale 1/16, Das Werk

119.90 *
Normal price 139.90 €
In stock
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