[Sold!] RC Tank Tiger 1 1:16 Metal-Version IR Servo-Recoil PRO-Edition Torro

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Transport damage! Upper hull defective (see fotos). The item is sold as a defect! No return, no warranty!
RC Battle Tank Tiger 1 mid production with IR [Infrared] Servo-Recoil in the scale 1:16 with metal underhull, metal tracks, metal gears, 360° tower and airbrush painting 2.4 GHz version professional edition incl. wooden box in ammunition-box look

The Tiger 1 or PzKpfW VI, as a model of the Torro Professional Edition is now available with a 360 ° rotatable tower. The model consists of over 90% high-quality metal parts. This Tiger I is a must for anyone dedicated to this hobby. Complete ready-to-run with realistic detailed airbrush painting and all necessary accessories in a practical wooden box for ideal storage and secure transport. New is the new charging system, you can charge the model via a charging socket, i. The tank does not have to be opened anymore. The Tiger for the ambitious model builder is also a very nice collector's model. Each delivered model is unique. With smoke, sound, lighting, MG lighting, 360 ° tower rotation, cannon up / down, realistic driving functions, tank-recoil, torsion bar metal road wheel.

The model is assembled, painted and ready to go.

Made of materials such as zinc, aluminum, brass metal parts:
Gun barrel and muzzle brake, tower with hatches to open, MG, Casters, Idlers & Drive Wheels, Steering Knuckles, Metal Underhull, Metal Tracks, Metal Gearboxes, Lamps, Accessories, Hatches, Grill

Delivery / details:
RC Tank Tiger I Scale 1:16, Torro, 2.4 GHz, PRO-Edition Metal Version
latest 2.4 GHz board technology
Board fan cooled
Metal underpan with torsion bar suspension
Top with metal tower 360 ° rotatable with sound
    with smoke and sound
with lighting [MG, headlights]
Single link chains connected with steel pins
with integrated chain tensioner, simply fix the chain to the underpanel with 2 screws
Hidden opening lever of the upper part of the tank at the rear
Length: approx. 400 mm [with cannon approx. 530 mm]
Width: approx. 230 mm
Height: approx. 195 mm
including 2.4 GHz RC remote control
Weight: approx. 12.5 kg incl. Accessories and packaging
Weight Tiger about 6.5 Kg
including battery: 7.2 V, 2000 mAh Ni-Mh
incl. charger
    including smoke liquid
including hand-painted commander
Operating instructions German and English
Minimum age: 14 years. Use under the direct supervision of adults. No children's toys! Read operating instructions before use!
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