RC Tank Tiger 1 1:16 Metal-Version IR Servo 360° tower PRO-Edition 2.4 GHz Torro

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RC Tank Tiger 1 early production, scale 1:16, PRO-Edition Metal-Version, IR [Infrared] Version with Servo-Gunbarrel-Recoil, 360° tower, metal underhull, metal-steel-gear, metaltracks, 2.4 GHz with Torro ammunitionbox
The Torro top model from the professional edition, the Tiger 1 or PzKpfW VI. The model consists of over 90% high-quality metal parts. This Tiger 1 is a must for anyone who is dedicated to this exciting hobby. Complete * Ready-to-run * with realistic airbrush painting and all necessary accessories in a practical wooden box for ideal storage and secure transport. Brand new is the charging system. You can charge the model via a charging socket, i. The tank does not have to be opened anymore. Delivery of the tiger takes place in the above wooden box for storage. The Tiger for the ambitious model builder is also a very nice collector's model. Each delivered model is unique. With smoke, sound, lighting, MG lighting, 360 ° turret rotation, cannon up / down, realistic proportional driving functions, armored recoil, torsion bar sprung rollers, commander & accessories. The model consists of over 90% metal. The model is assembled, painted and ready to go.
Made of materials such as zinc, aluminum, brass metal parts:
Gun barrel and muzzle brake
Turret with hatches to open, MG
Road- and drive wheels, stub axles
Underpan, tracks, metal gears [steel]
Lamps, accessories, hatches, grilles etc.
1/16 RC Tank Tiger 1, Torro, 2.4 GHz Professional Edition Metal-Version with Torro ammunitionbox
Metal content over 90%
latest 2.4 GHz board technology
Board fan cooled
Metal underpan with torsion bar suspension
Top with metal turret
with sound
with smoke
with illumination e.g. MG, headlight
Casters torsion bar suspension
Single linktracks connected with steel pins
with integrated chain tensioner, simply fix the chain to the underpanel with 2 screws
Hidden opening lever of the upper part of the tank at the rear
Length: approx. 400 mm (with cannon approx. 530 mm)
Width: approx. 230 mm
Height: approx. 195 mm
including RC remote control 2.4 GHz
Weight: approx. 12.5 kg incl. Accessories and packaging
Weight Tiger about 6.5 kg
including battery: 7.2 V / 2000 mAh Ni-Mh
with charging socket, you do not need to open the tank to charge the battery
incl. charger
including smoke liquid
Operating instructions German and English
Color: Early version Winter gray
Minimum age: 14 years. Use under the direct supervision of adults. No children's toys! Read the operating instructions before commissioning!

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Prices incl. VAT of the country of destination here 19%, plus delivery
Delivery Time: 2-4 days

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