RC Tank Sturmtiger 1:16 BB Metalgear Metalchassis PRO-Edition 2,4 GHz Torro, grey

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RC Tank Sturmtiger Storm Tiger 1:16 Smoke Sound BB with Sound, Smoke, Metaltracks, Metalgear, Metalchassis, Metal road wheels, metal drive wheels, PRO-Edition 2,4 GHz Torro
Sturmtiger IV also known as Storm Mortar Tiger 38cm RW61 with BB-Shot function
Brand new board technology and a new speaker in this model for a unique sound with superior driving characteristics and features. A carefully matched airbrush finish and a detailed replica give this model an incomparably high degree of authenticity. The built-in metal sub-tray increases the stability of the tank, at the same time allows the built-in torsion bar suspension to handle larger bumps. The battery is charged via a charging socket, so the battery does not have to be taken out of a battery compartment.
Differences to the conventional model:
Metal tracks, metal gear, metal chassis, metal drive wheels, metal road wheels
Sub-tub made of metal with torsion bar suspension
Battery is charged via a charging socket
Built-in metal gears with better transmission [4:1] for more power
8500 rpm Engines provide precise, realistic and smooth control with improved torque
2000 mAh Ni-Mh power battery for extended fun

Equipped with shooting function and everything you need. Charger, battery, small parts, ammunition etc. The 6mm BB Airsoft ammunition flies up to 25 m.
Control / functions:
2.4 GHz Remote Control proportional, very slow approach possible
Forward / Reverse / Stop
Forward left or right turn
Backward left or right turn
Rotation on the spot / Super Spin
Raise/lower & right/left cannon
Ammunition shot also while driving
During firing, a warning light illuminates
Misc. Engine / MG sound
Smoke from the mufflers
Casters sprung
Shot function with 6mm BB ammunition
Details / delivery:
RC Tank Sturmtiger Torro 2.4 GHz Profi-Edition ambush camouflage 1/16 scale with smoke & sound
including wooden ammunition-box
latest 2.4 GHz board technology, circuit board fan cooled
incl. metal underpan
incl. metal knuckle
incl. metal chains
incl. metal drive and idler wheels
incl. metal casters
incl. metal gear
incl. aluminum MG with flashflash LED
incl. new 8500 rpm engines
incl. smoke generator
incl. sound module
incl. shot unit
2.4 GHz propotional remote control, requires 6x AA batteries (not included)
Dimensions: approx. 39x23x19 (LxWxH cm)
Battery 7.2V 2000mAh Ni-Mh
Battery charging via the charging socket, no opening of the tank necessary
Travel time up to 30 min.
Charging time approx. 8 h
Shooting function can be deactivated via switch
Ammunition magazine for 30 Balls 6mm ammunition
about 100 rounds 6mm BB ammunition
Charger 7.2V-400mA
1 bottle of smoke liquid
Decals / stickers / target
Small Parts / Accessories Set
Weight approx. 5.0 kg incl. Accessories
Operating instructions German and English
Minimum age: 14 years. Used under the direct supervision of an adult. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts

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Prices incl. VAT of the country of destination here 19%, plus delivery
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