RC Tank PzKpfw IV Division LAH Kharkov 1:16 Metal-Version BB 360° tower PRO-Edition 2.4 GHz Torro

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RC Tank PzKpfw IV Type G Division LAH Kharkov 1943, BB-Shooting, 2.4 GHz
RC Panzer Panzerkampfwagen IV Execution G Division LAH [Leibstandarte Adolf Hilter] Krakau 1943. The paramilitary troop association founded by Adolf Hitler and personally subordinated to him from September 1933 under the name Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, short LSSAH or LAH.
The PzKpfw IV was with 8500 built units of the most-built tanks for the Wehrmacht and formed until 1945 the foundation stone of the Panzerdivisionen Germany. The planning and development of the tank went back to the year 1930. At the end of 1934 work began on the prototypes for this vehicle, which had been subjected to various tests by the Army Weapons Office. These were completed in 1935/36 with the contract to the company Krupp for the construction of the tank. During the production period, improvements and upgrades continued to flow into the series. While the short 7.5 cm KwK 37 L / 24 was still used at the start of production, the 7.5 cm KwK 40 L / 48 is from spring 1943 with a further increased penetration of the ammunition.
On the eastern front and the battle in the Kursk arc of the PzKpfw IV was the most important part of the armored division of the Wehrmacht and formed there the backbone of the armed forces.
Differences to the conventional model:
Built-in 4in1 steel gears with durable gears and a better gear ratio for more power
New Black Power engines with improved torque ensure a more realistic and smoother control
with metal tower, metal chains, metal casters- drive- & Diffusers, metal underpan
Airbrush lacquer in professional quality
2000 mAh Ni-Mh power battery
Control / functions:
Control Proportional, approach very slowly possible
Forward / Reverse / Stop
Forward left or right turn
Backward left or right turn
Rotation on the spot [Super Spin right and left]
Raise and lower cannon
Turret rotates 360 ° (180 ° right / 180 ° left)
Ammunition shot also while driving
During firing, a warning light illuminates
Misc. Motor / MG Sounds
Smoke from the mufflers
Casters sprung
Shot function with 6mm softair ammunition
Ready to run
RC Panzer PzKpf IV - Panzer 4
Ausführung G Division LAH, Torro Profi-Edition
1/16 scale
2.4 GHz control
Metal battle tower with aluminum cannon barrel
Winter chains of metal
Metal underpan, metal driving and idler wheels, metal casters
incl. 4in1 metal gearbox made of steel
incl. new power engines
including smoke generator
including sound module
including shot unit
Remote control 2.4 GHz
Dimensions: approx. 35x19x20 [LxWxH cm]
Battery 7.2V 2000mAh Ni-Mh
Travel time up to 30 min.
Charging time approx. 4 h
Shooting function can be deactivated via switch
Ammunition magazine for 100 balls 6mm
Charger 7.2V-400mA German standard
6x AA battery transmitter [not included]
about 100 round 6mm ammunition
1 bottle of smoke liquid
Stickers / Small parts / accessory kit / Soldier
Wooden box in ammunition box look for transport and storage
Colors: winter camo
Weight approx. 5.0 kg incl. Accessories
Operating instructions German and English
Minimum age: 14 years. Use under the direct supervision of adults. No children's toys! Read the operating instructions before commissioning!
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