RC Tank King Tiger

RC Tank King Tiger [Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. B Tiger II (Sd.Kfz. 182)]
The King Tiger Tank Königstiger [Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf. B Tiger II (Sd.Kfz. 182)] was the largest and heaviest German tank of World War II. Porsche KG and the Kassel-based company Henschel & Sohn were involved in the development.
Crew: 5
Length: 10.28 m
Width: 3.75 m
Height: 3.09 m
Mass: 69.7 tons
Armor: 25-185 mm
Main armament: 8.8 cm KwK 43 L/71
Secondary armament: 2 × 7.92 mm MG 34 + 1 × AA MG
Drive: Maybach HL 230 P 30 V12 petrol engine with 700 hp (515 kW)
Top speed: 38 km/h
The King Tiger is available as an RC version in 1:16 scale from the manufacturers Heng Long, Torro and Taigen. Heng Long offers the Tiger II with Porsche or Henschel turret, Torro in the Pro Edition only with the version with Henschel turret.
Heng Long King Tiger
Heng Long is a Chinese manufacturer that has been selling 1:16 and 1:24 scale remote-controlled tanks in the low-price segment since 1986. Heng Long's Tiger II is available in many different configurations, but not all configurations are imported to Germany. There are three different types of gears with 4:1 ratio available, from simple plastic gears [nylon] to gears with zinc-aluminum alloy to steel gears.
Heng Long Pro editions are always equipped with a metal chain and at least the drive wheels are also made of metal. Furthermore, all Pro editions always have at least one metal gear with zinc-aluminium alloy or a steel gear installed. Since the gears of Heng Long's new steel gear are now metal colored, it is often confused with the very similar looking zinc-aluminum metal gear. Since the gears are made of stainless steel, the magnet test also falls flat here. Some Heng Long Pro editions are additionally equipped with metal rollers and metal uprights.
Heng Long Bengal Tiger [No. 3888-1] with Porsche Turret Pro Edition:
Heng Long King Tiger with Henschel Tower [No. 3888-1A] Super-Pro Edition with metal roadwheel upgrade:
Heng Long King Tigers from version 6 [V6.0] have a realistic barrel recoil in addition to the BB shot function. When firing a shot, the cannon barrel is pulled back in addition to the chassis recoil. This is also the variant that most tank modellers prefer. In addition, from V6.0 a laser and a camera [not included!] can be connected and the RC tank can be controlled via WiFi. In addition, an infrared combat system is installed which makes it possible to conduct an IR combat with other RC tanks. All you have to do is place the IR receiver mushroom on the tower using a magnetic holder. In addition, driving straight ahead has become more stable with V6.0, the proportional remote control has been revised, all driving functions can now be controlled even more precisely and the new smoke module can now be controlled proportionally [the old Heng Long smoke module can be controlled from the new V6.0 Do not use board anymore]. The smoke output is not particularly strong, however, if you want more smoke you can upgrade with a professional smoke generator [available from around €60]. All in all, the new Heng Long RC tanks have had a great development and new features are already planned. Unfortunately, as of V6.0, no real charger for the socket is included in the scope of delivery, only a USB charging cable.
Heng Long RC Tank Remote Control V7.0:
Torro King Tiger
Torro is a manufacturer of remote controlled tanks and military vehicles based in Germany. The Torro Königstiger tank is only available in the professional edition with a metal-reinforced lower hull, many additional metal parts and a 360-degree rotatable turret. The Torro Tiger II comes in a wooden box with an ammo box look and is available in two different airbrushed finishes [desert and camouflage] or without a finish [no wooden box].
The Torro King Tiger has a metal-reinforced underbody with torsion bar suspension, and many parts [turret, gun barrel, hatches, castors and drive wheels] are also made of metal. The Torro Tiger II weighs approx. 7.0 kg [13.8 kg including accessories and packaging] and has an overall length [incl. gun barrel] of about 650mm. The accessories include the MG 34 and a painted tank commander, various attachments, as well as a battery and charger. A steel gearbox with a 4:1 ratio provides propulsion. The Torro King Tiger is available in a BB version with a 6mm airsoft shooting function or as an IR version [infrared], then the RC tank is equipped with a realistic recoil tube. A smoke generator for simulating exhaust gases is standard on board both versions. With the Torro King Tiger all hatches can be opened, with the Heng Long only the two hatches in the tower can be opened.
Metal parts on the Torro King Tiger
The unpainted version of the Torro King Tiger is not delivered in a wooden box, but in a cardboard box. This is reflected in the lower price, for model builders and anyone who enjoys painting themselves this is probably the best choice. Torro offers all spare parts for the Tiger II, even if not all parts are available individually [e.g. Tower only complete with upper hull]. Spare parts from the manufacturer Taigen can also be used without restriction, but not all spare parts from Heng Long fit.