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5to1 Steel Flatgear, long shaft, Taigen

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TAIGEN 5to1 steel flat gear with long output shaft for the following tank models:
Panther G - 3879
Jagdpanther - 3869
Königstiger / King Tiger II - 3888
Chinese Battle Tank ZTZ99  - 3899
KV-1 / KV-2 - 3878 [not Taigen!]
Leopard 2A6 - 3889
M1A2 Abrams - 3918
M41A3 Walker Bulldog - 3839
Depending on the tank model, additional rebuilding measures are necessary!
High Quality 5to1 Solid steel flat gear for above 1/16 armor models. Suitable for heavy tanks with high metal content!
The new Pro gear set for armored models is equipped with the highly resistant steel gearwheels on completely brass-mounted drive shafts and ball bearing output shaft. This results in unsurpassed performance of the transmission with a long service life. The power of the motors comes directly from the drive wheel of the tracks, thanks to the backlash-free steel gear wheels, ideal for heavy models with metal trays, metal chains and metal rollers.
Details / Contents:
    1 pair 5to1 metal gearbox with motors for Heng Long or Heng Long Torro-Edition with long output shaft
Steel gear wheels
Stronger engines 17500 rpm
All gear shafts brass
Output shaft
Manufacturer: Taigen
Not suitable for children under 3 years, since small parts can be swallowed!

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Prices incl. VAT of the country of destination here 19%, plus delivery
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3 - 3 of 38 results