RC Tank "Challenger II" Heng Long 2,4 Ghz 1:16, smoke, sound, shot, metal gear

RC Tank "Challenger II" Heng Long 2,4 Ghz 1:16, smoke, sound, shot, metal gear

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Remote control RC tank "British Challenger 2" (Heavy tank) Heng Long. Tank model of the newest generation, with firing function, a model faithful to detail of the original. Single limb chain drive with two 8500 revos of electric motors. The Challenger 2 tank is equipped with 2 LED floodlights. The tower can be turned on 320 °, the cannon can be lifted / lower around 20 °. With the remote control can be fired up to 65 balls individually and MG be served. The balls have a reach of approx. 25 m. All casters are completely fitted with springs! With long-lasting metal gear! Proportional control (see technical data)! Total length 69 cm!

Sound: Engine start, engine run, engine off, machine gun, cannon shot
Smoke: realistic engine smoke with smoke from the silencers

2,4 Ghz Remote Control of the [4.] Generation!

Technical data:
Model: RC tank Challenger 2 No. 3908-1 with smoke +Sound + metal gear + firing function
Scale: 1:16
Engine: 2x electric motor 8500 revos
Casters: fitted with springs
Gear: Metal
Driving wheels: Plastic
Chains: Plastic
To platinum: Rx-18
Battery: 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion
Battery charger: 7.4V-400mA
Loading time: about 4 hours
Chains: 4.5 cm wide, all casters fitted with springs
Lighting: 2x LED floodlight
Ammunition magazine: 65 balls 6 mm
Dimension (L x B x H): approx. 69cm x 23cm x 20cm
Recoil simulation
Weight: approx. 5.0 kg

Remote control:
Forward / reverse, proportionally
Forward of link / legal rotation, proportionally
Backward of link / legal rotation, proportionally
Gun turret 320 ° swivelling, 160 ° on the right / 160 ° on the left
20 lift / lower cannon °
Ammunition firing
Engine on / off
Machinegun fire
Reach remote control: approx. 100 metres

Scope of supply:
RC tank Challenger 2 Heng Long with smoke + Sound with metal gear, firing function and mg fire (everything ex works premounted)
Remote control 2,4 Ghz [3. Generation]
1 x accumulator 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Ion
approx. 200-230 shots 6 mm of ammunition + target
Sticker set
Small parts / accessories set / soldier
Operating instructions / oil

Ready to run! Everything mounted (except small parts)
For the remote you need 6x AAA batteries (not included in delivery)

Recommended age: from 14 years! For children less than 3 years cannot be suited, because be swallowed small parts. Before introduction read instructions for use!

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