RC Tank "Panzer III" Full Metal, Mato, 2,4 GHz, 360 ° tower, Shot-Function, painted

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Mato RC Metal Armor "Panzer III" RTR, 2.4 GHz, solid metal with BB-shot function

Panzerkampfwagen 3 - Full metal version - Completely made of metal [except wheel cover]

Mato RC Panzer in high quality in scale 1:16, detailed and completely made of metal.
Tower can be rotated 360 °, endless revolutions without cable
Height adjustable cannon tube
All components are made of metal: cannon tube, casters, battle tower, chains, basins, hatches, etc.
All 9 hatches can be opened
High quality Mato metal chains with 2 steel pins per chain link
Transmission: Brass, 3:1, incl. Motors
Smooth bottom / undersurface without screws
Adjustable chain tension
Inclination: 40 °
Weight approx. 4300g
LxBxH: 340mm (396mm incl. Tube), 183mm, 180mm
Inner dimensions LxW: 300mm x 144mm (height different)

Finish: gray

2.4 Ghz Digital Proprotional 4-channel multi-function remote control:
Directly start the tank via the remote control
All driving functions are equipped with a trim function [forward, backward, right, left]
Locking function for control on the right
AFHDS - Automatic frequency change system
Servo reverser
Coach output / trainer output

Delivery in original Mato transport case

Manufacturer: Mato
Each Mato Tank comes with a "Mato Tank unique ID card". This ID card is used for support requests by the manufacturer. This RC tank is compatible with most 1:16 RC tanks and spare parts.

Panzer 3 - Full metal version - Completely made of metal

Not a beginner tank! For advanced RC mechanics!

Mato RC Panzer "Panzer III" full metal
2.4 Ghz Digital Proprotional 4-channel multi-function remote control
4x replacement chain links
6x replacement steel pins
1x Mato transport case

Recommended age: 14 years and older! By submitting the order you confirm the age of 14. Not suitable for children under 3 years, as small items can be swallowed. Use under supervision of adults! Read the operating instructions before use!
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